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Scarecrow Animal Repellent

Scarecrow Animal Repellant

We used this for 8 years at our last property. We lived in a small town that was loaded with deer, coons, armadillos, you name it. Our garden was just outside of our back door. We watched this in action many times, especially as it was chasing off deer. We never lost a single plant, vegetable, anything to wildlife while we were there. It has a motion detector that will make it come on once an animal is close. The unit is connected to a garden hose and requires a 9 volt battery. A harmless spray of water comes on once it is triggered. This has a sprinkler type motion going side to side. No animals are harmed. I am not sure if it is the water, or the sound where it comes on that scares them. We were very happy with our Scarecrow and recommend trying them.

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