Books for Gardeners

Juicy Tasty Tomatoes

Are you tired of cardboard tasteless grocery store tomatoes? Just the name of the book alone should be enough to make you want to grow your own tomatoes. This 80 page “tomato bible” is packed full of information which will enable you to grow the juiciest, tastiest tomatoes yet. This book assists with choosing the correct variety, site preparation,  how to plant, diseases, all the way to picking and storage. Be the envy of your neighborhood. Get started growing the perfect tomato now!

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Hydroponic Plans

This simple easy to follow hydroponics book is great for the beginner. There are step by step DIY plans for 4 different types of systems plus a simple to put together stand system for your systems. This  step by step growing manual also detailing which plants to grow, how to get them started, which system is best for which plant, lighting and planting media. There is also a simple formula that has been devised to help simplify nutrient mixing and changing. Everything to get started is right in this book!

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Installing Polycarbonate Sheets Like a Pro

Installing Polycarbonate Sheets Like A Pro

I have been selling and installing polycarbonate sheets since 1993. Since then I have heard the same questions over and over. I have compiled all of these questions and answers in my new Kindle Book – Installing Polycarbonate Sheets Like a Pro. It’s not as hard as it may seem. There are just a few good practices that you need to follow for a first rate installation.

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